30 Day OUAT Challenge – Day 26

A character(s) you would like to see more off

1. Jefferson and Grace

20140502-090445 pm.jpg

I’ve mentioned this before, and I love these characters. I would love to see their relationship grow and blossom, and perhaps a back story as to Jefferson’s wife. It is obvious that Jefferson loves his daughter very much and I would like to see their relationship after their time apart due to Regina.

I also think that Jefferson himself is a wonderful character. We’ve seen little bits of his former life when he used to work with Rumple and get things for him, but there’s isn’t much of him. He’s also quite sassy and a joy to watch. I almost want a little mini-series where they just follow him around. It would be so cool. Where’s the FanFiction, people? He wasn’t even in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. That was such a cop out from the writers, making it clear that he wasn’t there from the very first episode. I suppose it makes sense since we see the Knave in Storybrooke, but still. It’s was a bit disappointing.

2. Archie/Jimeny Cricket

20140502-091141 pm.jpg

He is such a sweet character, who seems to have disappeared recently. There was that little thing half way through season 2 where he ‘died’ but was never actually dead, but after that his sort of disappeared. Many minor characters seemed to have done that. Suspicious… But Archie is a character that could really offer some moral righteousness at the minute when we really need some. He was Regina’s therapist, for Christ’s sake. Doesn’t Hook need one too? Someone to talk to?

3. Peter Pan

20140502-091548 pm.jpg

Now, I know this is never going to happen since he’s dead, but they missed such an opportunity! There are so many possibilities with Pan that were overlooked or missed out on because there was only half a series in Neverland. It is such a shame! This is something else I keep banging on about, but Pan is such a versatile character, especially in the Once Upon a Time reincarnation we saw briefly. Robie Kay is such a talented actor. Why was he not utilised more? Grr…

Take a deep breath and let it go

I’m okay now. Promise.


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